IPB 04 – 2018

Price schedules Reference No.: IPB 04 – 2018 for December 10, 2018 1. One (1) Lot Proposed Decontamination Area (P.R. 18-10-51047) 2. One (1) Lot Operating Theater Renovation Project (P.R. 18-10-51055) 3. One (1) Lot Synchronization of Fire Alarm System (P.R. 18-10-51062)


Price schedules Reference No.: RFEI-1-2018-C for December 17, 2018 1. Short Term Expert for Structural Inspection, Investigation and Certification of (P.R. #18-11- 51084)


Price schedules Reference No.: IPB 02-2022 1. One (1) Job Water Proofing of West Tower Building (1st Floor to 5th Floor) West Tower Building (P.R. No. 2022-03-0326) Price schedules Reference No.: IPB 01-2022 1. Water Proofing of West Tower Building (P.R. No. 2022-03-0326) 2. Improvement of Back-up Power Generator Supply at West Tower (P.R. No. 2022-02-0215) Price continue reading : Infrastructure

Department of Urology

ABOUT US The Department of Urology was started by Dr. Romeo B. Reyes as a section of the surgery department in 1996 upon the request of the then Surgery Chairman Dr. Arnulfo Seares.The section was instrumental in delivering quality urological care to indigent patients of Negros Occidental. Likewise, the section served as a teaching venue continue reading : Department of Urology