December 26, 2022
1.Electrosurgical Unit (P.R. No. 2022-01-0092)
2.Hauling of Hospital Hazardous Waste (P.R. No. 2022-09-1059)
3.Various Electrical Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-09-1089)
4.Sterile Tubing Welder Machine (P.R. No. 2022-09-1115)
5.Electronic Wheelchair Scales (P.R. No. 2022-09-1105)
6.Various Housekeeping Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-11-1343)
7.Bond Paper Long and Short (P.R. No. 2022-11-1345)
8.Individual Sub-metering for all CLMMRH Buildings (Supply, Installation, and Commissioning) (P.R. 2022-09-1182)
9.Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Machines West Tower Powerhouse (P.R. No. 2022-10-1243)
10.Various Oncology Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-09-1096)
11.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-08-0938)
12.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1293)
13.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1294)
14.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1295)
15.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1296)
16.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1297)
17.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1303)
18.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1304)
19.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1305)
20.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1306)
21.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1307)
22.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1308)
23.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1318)
24.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1319)
25.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1320)
26.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-10-1321)
27.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No. 2022-11-1390)
28.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 2022-08-0978)
29.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 2022-10-1317)
30.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 2022-10-1323)
31.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 2022-10-1327)
32.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. No. 2022-09-1081)
33.Laboratory Supplies and Reagent (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. No. 2022-09-1082)
34.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. No. 2022-09-1125)
35.Laboratory Supplies and Reagent (Histopathology Section) (P.R. No. 2022-10-1213)
36.Laboratory Supplies and Reagent (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. No. 2022-09-1127)
37.Hauling of Hospital Non-Hazardous Waste (P.R. No. 2022-11-1356)
December 27, 2022
38.Industrial Washer and Dryer (P.R. No. 2022-02-0248)
39.Outsource Preventive Maintenance of Fire Pump, Jockey Pump and All Accessories of Fire Sprinkler System (P.R. No. 2022-04-0391)
40.Precision Drip Chamber Calibrated Burette at Least 100ml (P.R. No. 2022-05-0575)
41.Arthroscope Attachment for Large Joint Set (PR# 2022-07-0826)
42.Bottled Water 350ml (P.R. No. 2022-08-0923)
43.Three Years Outsourcing of Janitorial Services (P.R. No. 2022-08-0981)
44.Warehousing Service (P.R. No. 2022-08-1194)
45.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. No. 2022-07-0755)
46.Blood Bank Refrigerator (P.R. No. 2022-07-0808)
47.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Immunology Serology) (P.R. No. 2022-07-0823)