Two CLMMRH Operating Room (OR) nurses recently completed a 4-week Perioperative Nursing Skills Development Program Level 2 from the Philippine Heart Center (PHC). Through the initiatives of Continuing Nursing Education, Training, and Research Unit (CNETRU) to level up the skills of nurses and promote nursing practice aligned with the goal of establishing specialty centers in CLMMRH, Mr. Albert Chan and Mr. Jan Michael Roa, underwent three (3) days of didactics and four (4) weeks operating room exposure as circulating and scrub nurses in cardiovascular surgeries from September 7 to October 7, 2022.

Through this training, Mr. Roa shared that he learned the value of a closed loop communication and that he gained the appropriate knowledge and skills in cardiovascular surgery. As an OR nurse, he is now well-equipped in assisting to more complicated cardiovascular surgeries in the future.

This recently concluded cardiovascular training of nurses is a testament that CNETRU and the Operating Room Complex Management deliver their commitment in helping transform CLMMRH into an apex hospital.

Photo credits to: Mike Roa