Last August 17, 2022, a 73-year old, female patient at CLMMRH who was suffering from Complete Heart Block, was saved after she underwent a temporary transvenous pacemaker insertion at the Critical Care Unit (CCU) of the hospital. It is an ideal procedure for patients with Complete Heart Block wherein a pacemaker, a small electronic device that regulates the heart beat, is inserted into the patient’s body. The Cardiovascular Surgery and Intervention Team (CVSI) who performed the procedure was composed of Dr. Ada Cherryl Jayme, Interventional Cardiologist; Dr. Christian Tortosa, Critical Care Cardiologist; and Dr. Jorge Edward Masa and Dr. Mary Grace Manganti, both Cardiovascular Anesthesiologist.

After the patient was stabilized, she underwent a permanent pacemaker insertion the next day in an operating room setting with Dr. Calvin Fernandez, Cardiovascular Surgeon and Drs. Manganti and Masa as her attending physicians.

Currently, the patient is in a stable condition and was given another chance at life because of the expertise of our CVSI team.

Congratulations to the CVSI Team for adding another milestone for CLMMRH as it gears into becoming a specialty center for cardiovascular care.

Photos by: Dr. Ada Cherryl Jayme