Fifty-one (51) head nurses in CLMMRH attended the first 2 batches of Conflict Resolution/Management Training initiated by the Continuing Nursing Education Training and Research Unit (CNETRU) on May 11, 2022 at the West Tower Pantry, CLMMRH.

This training-workshop is part of CNETRU’s series of activities lined up for its Leadership Advancement Training Program (LATP) spearheaded by Ms. Krejmer Magalona (program chairman) and Ms. Anna Victoria Jainga.

According to Dr. Johnny Decatoria, speaker of the activity, conflicts that are effectively resolved can pave the way for growth and trust, on the other hand, if left unsettled, can cause harm to those who are involved.“

The nursing staff comprises around 1/3 of the total number of employees in the organization. With the differences among perceptions, values and interests among staff, conflicts are bound to happen. This activity targets to provide tools for nursing heads and managers to take the lead in promptly resolving conflicts in the workplace” – Rey Emanuelle Mirasol, Assistant Chief Nurse for Education, Training and Research.

The next two batches to be attended by the remaining head nurses and other nursing administrators will be conducted on May 31, 2022.