December 7, 2020
1.PBD Bond Paper (Long and Short) (P.R. No.  20-07-70670)
2.PBD Five (5) units Defibrillator (P.R. No. 20-06-70549)
3.PBD One (1) Lot One (1) Year Outsourcing of Janitorial Services (P.R. No. 20-08-70753)
4.Outsource PBD Preventive Maintenance and Calibration of Medical Equipment (For 2021) (P.R. 20-11-70981)
5.PBD Arterial Blood Gas Reagent (P.R. No. 20-06-70506)
6.PBD Various Operating Room Instruments (P.R. No. 20-11-71001)
7.PBD Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. No. 20-06-70503)
8.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. 20-06-70504)
9.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. 20-06-70505)
10.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-06-70519)
11.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-06-70520)
12.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-06-70521)
13.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-06-70522)
14.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. 20-06-70526)
15.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-06-70527)
16.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-06-70528)
17.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-06-70530)
18.PBD Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-06-70532)
19PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-09-70875)
20.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70961)
21.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70962)
22.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70969)
23.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70970)
24.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70972)
25.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70973)
26.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70980)
27.PBD Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  20-10-70983)
28.PBD Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 20-10-70908)
29.PBD Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 20-10-70910)
30.PBD Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 20-10-70911)
31.PBD Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 20-10-70912)
32.PBD Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 20-10-70913)
33.PBD Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 20-10-70914)