March 15, 2021
1.Various Supplies for Repair of ESWL and X-Ray Machine of Stone Center (P.R. No. 20-07-70669)
2.Outsourcing of Laundry Service for Hospital White Linens – One (1) Year (15,000kgsmonth) (P.R. No. 21-01-80004)
3.Outsource General Cleaning of Airconditioning Units (P.R. No. 21-02-80163)
4.Compress Air 1800 PSI Full Tank Cylinder Size 6CU.M (P.R. No. 21-01-80035)
5.Five (5) Units Orthopedic Bed (P.R. No. 21-02-80175)
6.Dual Head Operating Room Light and Operating Table (P.R. No. 21-02-80176)
7.Various Operating Room Instruments (P.R. No. 21-02-80204)
8.Various Operating Room Instruments (P.R. No. 21-02-80210)
9.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. No. 21-01-71126)
10.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. No. 21-01-71127)
11.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. No. 21-01-71128)
12.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. No. 21-01-80073)
13.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. No. 21-01-80074)
14.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. No. 21-02-80134)
15.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. No. 21-02-80135)
16.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80038)
17.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80056)
18.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80057)
19Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80058)
20.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80059)
21.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80063)
22.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. No. 21-01-80069)
 March 16, 2021
23.Various Housekeeping Supplies (P.R. No. 21-01-80118)
24.Various Housekeeping Supplies (P.R. No. 21-01-80120)
25.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80047)
26.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80061)
27.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80086)
28.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80090)
29.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80101)
30.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80121)
31.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80126)
32.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80128)
33.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80129)
34.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80130)
35.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80131)
36.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-01-80138)
37.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80139)
38.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80140)
39.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80143)
40.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80146)
41.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80147)
42.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80148)
43.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80149)
44.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. No.  21-02-80150)