March 23, 2020
1.Five-Hundred Forty-Six (546) sacks of Rice (White Special Rice 50kg per sack) (P.R. 20-01-70040)
2.Various Housekeeping Supplies (P.R. 20-01-70135)
3.Various Bond Paper (Long and Short) (P.R. 20-02-70236)
4.Thirty (30) packs Arterial Blood Gas Reagent450 test (P.R. 20-01-70092)
5.Two (2) Units of Ambulance with Advance Life Support (P.R. 19-10-61050)
6.Four (4) Units of Biological Refrigerator-Double Door (P.R. 20-02-70169)
7.Various Medical Oxygen (P.R. 20-02-70237)
8.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-01-61023)
9.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-01-70045)
10.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70065)
11.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70094)
12.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70096
13.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-01-70136)
14.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70144)
15.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70145)
16.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70164)
17.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70166)
18.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70171)
19.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70173)
20.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70178)
21.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70181)
22.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70184)
23.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70186)
24.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70199)
25.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70205)
26.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 20-02-70207)
 March 24, 2020
27.One (1) Lot Wireless Retrofit Direct Radiography System with PACS and RIS (P.R. 19-8-60734)
28.One (1) Lot Outsource General Cleaning of Air-conditioning Units for Year 2020 (P.R. 20-02-70095)
29.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-01-70029)
30.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-01-70030)
31.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70180)
32.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70182)
33.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70183)
34.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70125)
35. 35) Laboratory Supplies & Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70126)
36.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70133)
37.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-02-70033)
38.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-02-70034)
39.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-02-70043)
40.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. 20-02-70177)
41.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. 20-02-70150)
42.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Clinical Microscopy Section) (P.R. 20-02-70156)
43.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. 20-02-70158)
44.Laboratory Supplies and Reagents (For Dept. of Pathology) (P.R. 20-02-70176)
45.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70114)
46.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70115)
47.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70116)
48.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70117)
49.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70119)
50.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70120)
51.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70121)
52.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70122)
53.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 20-01-70123)