MARCH 18, 2019
1.2,250 Kilos Beef (Unod) and 3,000 Kilos Pork (Boneless, Less Fat) (P.R. #19-1-60037)
2.546 sacks of Rice (White Special Rice 50kg per sack) (P.R. 19-1-60038)
3.Nutrition and Dietetics Supplies (Chicken) (P.R. 19-1-60039)
 4.Adult Nutritional Formula (P.R. 19-1-60040)
5.Nutrition and Dietetics Supplies (Fish) (P.R. 19-1-60054)
6.One (1) Lot Warehousing Services (P.R. 18-11-51159)
7.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Dept. of Pathology) (P.R. #19-1-60130)
8.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #18-9-50964)
9.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #19-1-60133)
10.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #19-1-60140)
11.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #19-1-60143)
12.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #19-1-60146)
13. Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #19-1-60147)
14.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Blood Bank Section) (P.R. #19-1-60149)
15. Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents(Clinical Microscopy Section) (P.R. #19-1-60012)
 16.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents(Clinical Microscopy Section) (P.R. #19-1-60013)
 17.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Histopathology Section) (P.R. #19-2-60019)
 18.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. #19-1-60056)
 19.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. #19-1-60058)
 20.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. #19-1-60059)
21.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. #19-1-60087)
22.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Clinical Chemistry Section) (P.R. #19-1-60126)
23.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. #19-1-60065)
24.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Hematology Section) (P.R. #19-1-60074)
25.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. #19-2-60099)
26.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. #19-1-60101)
27.Laboratory Supplies _ Reagents (Bacteriology Section) (P.R. #19-2-60102)
 MARCH 19, 2019 
28.Various Housekeeping Supplies (P.R. 19-1-60052) 
29.Various Housekeeping Supplies (P.R. 19-1-60063) 
30.Bond Paper (Long _ Short) (P.R. 19-1-60163) 
31.Forty Four (44) packs of Arterial Blood Gas Reagent (450 testpack) (P.R. 19-1-60036) 
32.Two hundred (200) boxes of ABG Specimen Collection Device (3ml heparinized), 100’sbox Syringe with anticoagulant (P.R. 19-1-60159)
33.Various CSSD Supplies (Pulmonary Unit) (P.R.18-7-50773) 
34.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R. 19-1-60156) 
35.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R.19-1-60157) 
36.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R.19-2-60048) 
37.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R.19-2-60158) 
38.Various CSSD Supplies (Operating Room Use) (P.R.19-2-60177) 
39.Various CSSD Supplies (For Dept. of Orthopedics Use) (P.R.19-2-60178) 
40.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R.19-2-60196) 
41.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R.19-2-60197) 
42.Various CSSD Supplies (For Dept. of Orthopedics Use) (P.R.19-2-60227) 
43.Various CSSD Supplies (P.R.19-2-60239) 
44.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60073) 
45.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60090) 
46.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60091) 
47.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60092) 
48.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60094) 
49.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60095) 
50.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60097) 
51.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60103) 
52.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60104) 
53.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60108) 
54.Drugs and Medicines (P.R. 19-1-60123)
55.One (1) Lot Redundant Downstream Low Voltage (LV) AVR Regulated Supply for MRI and CT-SCAN (P.R. 18-7-50664)