The Public Health Unit (PHU) leads in preventing diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles among patients, their families, and the general public as well enhancing the hospital personnel’s well–being and work satisfaction. PHU ensures that CLMMRH is a health–promoting hospital and a safe workplace.

The PHU develops and implements health promotion strategies to address national health priorities such as Non–Communicable Diseases, Maternal and Child Care, and Infectious Diseases.

The PHU is directly under the Office of the Medical Center Chief. The PHU is composed of a Public Health Unit Adviser, Health Education & Promotion Officer, Patient Education Program Coordinator, PHU Clerk and DOH Health Program Managers.

The PHU Office is open Mondays–Fridays, 8am–5pm. The PHU office is temporarily located at the Adult Outpatient Department.


Transform CLMMRH as an outstanding health-promoting hospital and a valued partner in the community.


Provide unparalleled level of health promotion and disease prevention programs that are relevant to community needs for the comfort and relief of patients, hospital personnel, and the general public.