In the year 1945, the first and the only provincial hospital in the Negros Island was constructed. It became fully operational after a year. It provided health services as well as dental services, which was provided by the dental department. During that time, the dental services provided by the dental department were only limited to tooth extraction and dental check-up, which was then under the leadership of Dr. Alonzo. Back then, the said services were offered for free to the public until the dental department was headed by Dr. Rosito Tan when tooth extraction was billed for Php 20.00. In 2002 peri-apical x-ray of the tooth was available with the acquisition of the new dental peri-apical x-ray machine. It was sometime in 2005 when the dental department offered additional dental services such as restoration and oral prophylaxis, apart from tooth extraction. At present, the dental department offers tooth extraction, impaction, oral prophylaxis and tooth restoration, and also tooth x-ray.

The Dental Department at CLMMRH cares for patients with the dental health care needs. Our team includes two dentists with special training in Orthodontics and Oral Surgery.

We treat patients with a broad range of conditions including common dental conditions like severely carious tooth to a more serious condition that require oral surgery treatment such as an impacted 3rd molar tooth.

Our team together with our two dental aides works together to ensure patients in our department receive the most thorough care it needs.


To develop the dental department in a world class tertiary hospital equipped with the most modern dental facilities and provides excellent dental services at affordable cost.


To promote good dental health and oral hygiene by providing an effective and efficient delivery of dental services to the patients at an affordable cost with highest standard of professionalism and competency that patronage the dental department of CLMMRH and makes it an ideal department in the hospital.


  • Odontectomy
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Gingivectomy
  • Gingivoplasty