The right to survive, to be protected and to be cared with proper medical attention is a right of every child. The health needs and requirement of children are fundamentally different from that of the adults, hence, the need to have special services. The Pediatric Out- Patient Department aims to serve all clients from 0 to below 19 years of age. However, children under five years old have been identified as the vulnerable age group. It has been pointed out that the nutritional status of these children poses as the key factor in the promotion of health and prevention of illnesses. The child’s future and physical, intellectual, social and emotional well-being depends upon nutrition and any deprivation during the early stage of a child’s life (birth to 5 years) may lead to retardation.


The Department of Pediatrics shall be a center of excellence in tertiary pediatric and adolescent health care.


The Department of Pediatrics is committed to provide accessible quality health care service to all pediatric and adolescent patients, conduct researches and train residents through effective management system and networking with other institutions.