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Becoming a mother entails great responsibility. A lot of things are needed to nurture a child to grow healthy. A mother taking care of twins, triplets or even quadruplets is mind-breaking. Attending to their needs at the same time may be stressful. A neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses takes care of sick newborns, babies who need special care and close monitoring. These infants are unable to verbalize their feelings and emotions and a NICU nurse requires adjustment to attend to them. These nurses are mothers at their own right.

Most babies inside the NICU are fed with breast milk through a tube in the mouth. Most have intravenous lines attached, and others have oxygen cannulas on their noses. In most critical cases, neonates are intubated and attached to a mechanical ventilator to help them breathe. Imagine if a NICU nurse has five babies to handle in her shift. Time management is important to carry out orders, attend to their needs, and take care of them.

NICU nurses think of ways of how to comfort babies in distress. They anticipate the needs of every child. They are like mothers who never get pregnant. They are mothers only for a few days, weeks or months. They play with babies as if they were their own. They give everything they can for the progress of a baby’s condition. They sympathize for the abandoned one. At times, they act as if they are the pregnant patient waiting for the baby to come out. They perform the work of a mother.

Being a NICU nurse needs courage and competency in doing fragile procedures. They need to be tough in facing helpless parents. Aside from time management, a good harmonious relationship with fellow NICU personnel is needed. These two are essential for effective health care. Managing time is the key to smooth workflow. No matter how toxic the duty is, a good working environment facilitates execution of tasks. Nurses should manage to laugh and smile during their shift. These expressions serve as pain relievers for exhausted physical labor, affects the anxiety of a parent, and gives hope for a while.

NICU nurses are like mothers. They multitask with a range of responsibilities. Their job deals with life, and the difference is that they do not wear aprons while doing household chores. They are not nannies. They have tools around their uniforms they use, applied with knowledge learned from years of schooling.