The Nursing Service Division is a vital service in the hospital that provides direct and indirect in-patients and out-patients health care service. Nursing Service integrates with all hospital primary services and interfaces with other support services in order to achieve the hospital’s vision of becoming a world class tertiary health care facility.

The Nursing Staff are committed to promote the optimum level of health and wellness to our patients regardless of diversity of culture, religion or status in society. It is the primary concern of the division to deliver the highest quality of care to our clients personifying President Benigno Aquino’s principle of “Tao ang Boss ko” (People is my boss) and the Civil Service Commission philosophy of “Mamamayan muna bago mamaya na” (Patient First) Nursing Services addresses pursuit of advance knowledge and skills thru Training and Clinical Services Programs that help nurses gain expertise in evidence based practice. Likewise, it provides rich and varied opportunities to nursing, midwifery and caregiver affiliates for their related learning experience.

Nursing Service Division journeys towards excellence is motivated by compassion and passion to work built on the spirit of teamwork and reflective of a competent work force who are culturally sensitive and patient-centered.


The Nursing Service Division shall provide the highest standard of nursing care to all clients.


Provide safe, effective and efficient nursing care to clients; conduct continuous and quality researches, training and education to staff and student affiliates.